Fakhr al-Din Kotwal, Malik ul-Umar

Fakhr al-Din Kotwal, Malik ul-Umar
   Fakhr al-Din held the position of the commandant (kotwal) of Delhi during Balban's reign (1266-1286). He was not on good terms with Balban's eldest son, Prince Muhammad. On Balban's death, Fakhr al-Din's party ignored the claims of both Kaikhusrau (son of Muhammad) and Bughra Khan. They supported the enthronement of Bughra Khan's son Kaiqubad. Fakhr al-Din was the first to take the oath of loyalty to the new sultan.
   Fakhr al-Din was one of the prominent Tajik nobles who survived in the Delhi sultanate until 1286 in spite of the growing preponder-ance of the Turkish slaves of the chihilganis category. Fakhr al-Din and his father, Jamal al-Din Nishapuri, together occupied the office of kotwal of Delhi for about 80 years. Under Mu'izz al-Din Kaiqubad (1287-1290), he was entitled Khan-i Khurasan. His nephew and son-in-law, Nizam al-Din, became Kaiqubad's amir-i dad. Fakhr al-Din died during Jalal al-Din Firuz Khalji's reign (1290-1296). The po-sition of kotwal of Delhi vacated by him was filled by A'la ul-Mulk after 'Ala ul-Din Khalji's accession (1296).

Historical dictionary of Medieval India. . 2011.

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